From Our Family

to Your Table

We make VOSKOS® Greek Yogurt using our original 
family recipe to help you bring wholesome goodness to your family.

Since the very beginning, the yogurt we make is straight from the old Greek tradition—fresh milk from cows in the backyard and a careful straining process taken from our grandmothers’ recipes. We put great care into every batch of yogurt we make here in Sun Valley, California, because we’re honoring our family tradition every time we make it.

This tradition began long ago when childhood friends were growing up with Greek traditions. Their memories of home-cooked meals and secret family recipes were what inspired them to start VOSKOS® Greek Yogurt and bring some of their home country to their new home in America.

To this day every hand that helps produce our yogurt knows our mission to create a healthy, sustainable future. In fact, the name voskos means “shepherd” in Greek and is a symbol of pure, wholesome food. Just like how the shepherd keeps his flock healthy, our goal to give families wholesome food helps them lead healthy lifestyles.

From our local suppliers, to our family-run facility, to the yogurt you enjoy in your home, VOSKOS® Greek Yogurt puts family at the center for a happy and healthy life.

Our Promise to Your Family:

  • Better taste from a recipe passed down through generations
  • A uniquely thick and creamy texture that’s made with care
  • Five live and active probiotics for your digestive health
  • No hormones or antibiotics and nothing artificial
  • Freshly picked fruit in all of our fruity flavors

The best testament to VOSKOS® quality is when you show us how it helps your family stay happy and healthy. Tell us how you VOSKOS®.