100 Ways You Flavor It: VOSKOS® Plain Greek Yogurt

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I happen to love plain Greek yogurt. In fact, the first time I tasted VOSKOS® Original Plain, I was hooked. It tasted like sour cream, only better, because it was less fatty and easier on my tummy. The low fat version was also amazing – creamy, velvery and full of flavor. The biggest surprise was VOSKOS® Plain Nonfat, because – based on previous yogurt experiences – I expected it to taste like cardboard. Again, a pleasant surprise – thanks to the special straining process, even VOSKOS® Nonfat is tasty, all by itself.

As much as I love plain yogurt, I was curious about adding flavor to the yogurt. I like the idea of starting out with a super-clean product, and adding just the amount of flavor/sweetener I need. This gives me full control of what goes into my (and my children’s) body.

So I started experimenting, adding different flavors to my beloved plain VOSKOS®, including honey (my favorite topping to this day), PB2, Nutella when I feel like indulging, olive oil, garlic and grated cucumber to make a tzatziki, and more.

When it occurred to me, one spring morning a few weeks ago, to reach out to our amazing Facebook fans and ask for their recommendations on what to add to plain VOSKOS®, I never expected to receive close to 100 suggestions! But I did. of course, the next logical step is to preserve all these wonderful, mouthwatering suggestions in a blog post – we don’t want them to get lost inside Facebook.

So here you go – 100 ways to flavor plan Greek yogurt. Most of them from our fans, with a few additions by yours truly.

1. Warm homemade apple butter. We call this ‘ice cream’. -Andrea Ragan

2. Cherries & chopped pecans -Sheryl Edwards

3. Fresh Cut up Mango w/ a dollup of honey! -Heather Perkins

4. Chopped walnuts. -Kathy Pearlman

5. Cherries and honey flavored Teddy Grahams!! -Michelle Moorman Caves

6. Applesauce – adds the perfect amount of sweet. -Emily Paavola

7. A little drizzle of honey and slivered almonds…my breakfast every morning! -Alisa Prussia

8. Raisin bran! -Mary Lou Muller

9. Dark Chocolate Chips and granola. -Ward W Bond

10. Granola, salted peanuts are my faves. -Deana Eicher Watson

11. Hamburger meat! – adding a 6oz plain VOSKOS® greek yogurt to a 1-2 lb mixture of raw ground beef and spices makes the absolute BEST hamburgers! -Bethany McGhehey

12. Morrison Pomegranate!! Mmmmmmm! -Gina Spangler

13. Apple butter is great in the plain! -Anna Fergus

14. Mix one cup of plain VOSKOS® yogurt with half tablespoon of horseradish, cover and put in fridge. Use this mixture to top veggies or meat for dinner! We like to top our zucchini boats. Slice length wise and hollow out zucchini, brown ground turkey and zucchini flesh, add chopped onion, red bell pepper, and minced garlic. Stuff zucchini and bake util tender. Top with horseradish yogurt mixture and you have yourself a healthy meal! – Heather Drew

15. Fresh strawberries -Cassie Ailstock

16. Unsweetened cocoa powder and two packets of truvia for a healthy fake chocolate pudding. If you really want to go all out add a tiny dot of peppermint extract for a mock girl scout cookie taste. YUMMY! -Sharon Chambers Hubbert

17. One cup of yogurt, one Tbsp of cocoa powder, that is, and two packets of truvia. -Sharon Chambers Hubbert

18. Ground Golden Flaxseed or wheat germ with blueberries. -Diane Hatton *

19. Coconut would be soooo awesome! – Lauren Ornelas

20. Cucumber, garlic, dill and white wine vinegar and use as dressing. -Rebecca MacLean

21. I had the honey vanilla bean and crushed some Nature Valley oats n honey granola bar in it for breakfast. Yummmm – Brandy Collins

22. Almond butter and frozen blueberries! My breakfast every morning. – Jessica Ahner

23. Every day instead of ice cream I mix mine with whole blueberries and dark chocolate chips!! – Sandra Pierce Hersey

24. The best breakfast recipe I like is the one with oatmeal ,skim milk, and Voskos plain and let stay overnight to be eaten next morning with drizzled honey. – Joseph Bica

25. Blueberries and Splenda. -Patricia James

26. Drizzled with pure maple syrup, with pecans. – Patricia James

27. A super food for a super food…. how about some chia seeds? – Frank Peshick

28. Cantalope and agave. Yum. – Cynthia Mammenga

29. Granola! -Anne Hill

30. Raspberries & Coconut & Chocolate Chips YUMMY!! – Karriann Meister Shinkaruk

31. Mango works for me! -Robert Douds

32. Strawberries! – Wanda Lundy, Kelly Warfield

33. How about scraping the seeds of a vanilla bean into the plain yogurt? Oh man is that wonderful! Drop on a spoonful of caramel ice cream topper and you have a sinfully yummy feast! – Julie Greene

34. Added it on top of my veggie egg-white omelet with some salsa, and had one of those awesome choc. chip muffins you posted the recipe for a few days ago. So much breakfast happiness today! – Lynn Gleason

35. Add an apple! yum! -Teresa Wynne Waite

36. Honey and bananas. – Leela Oconnor

37. Apples & caramel. Oh man! – Julie Greene

38. Blueberries. – Jen Gamble, Holly Palmeter, Lesley Cumby Geren, Jennifer Kezele

39. Back to Nature Wild Blueberry granola! – Jill Parker

40. Peanut butter and honey -Tammie Quinton

41. I added strawberries, kiwi, milk, and ice to mine and made a delicious smoothie! – Amanda J. Gray

42. Fresh strawberries topped with a little granola. – Peggy Bell

43. Fresh sliced strawberries with some granola and maybe throw in some slivered almonds. -Erin McMurry Herbrich

44. Enjoying mine this afternoon with falafel and humus – Diana Nunes

45. Granola. – JoAnne Casler York

46. I add dressing mix to make a yummy and healthy veggie dip! – Jennifer Meyer

47. Add some honey and granola or walnuts! – Jennifer Meyer

48. Pecans and blueberries. – Dawn Kelly

49. I am enjoying mine with strawberries that I picked yesterday! I also add homemade granola. YUMMY! – Wendula Edwards Hildreth

50. We put in fresh blackberries! – Carin Misterly

51. Until I finally get around to making my own granola, my favorite mix-in is craisins and flax seed. Super yummy, a little crunch, and sooo healthy, especially for the digestive system. – Sarah Cutler Rodriguez

52. Strawberries and granola. – Mari Charnock

53. Peaches! – Cynthia Brand

54. Any kind of berry…strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, blueberry, or a nice mix of all of them! – Jennifer Scott

55. Raspberries and granola! -Annabeth Jackson Dugger

56. I like to stir in a sprinkle of cinnamon and a small handful of walnuts to my VOSKOS® Plain. :) – Kim Hawkes

57. My seven year old would say a little bit of honey & some chopped up kiwi! – Heather Mathess

58. Honey, bananas, apples and cinnamon. – Pj Keck Hansen

59. Fresh berries:) – Kristen Evans

60. I like to add Cinnamon Cheerios! – Jayme Jeane

61. Love my VOSKOS® with a drizzle of honey and chopped walnuts. – Christy Ogle

62. Granola &/or silvered almonds sounds really good right about now. – Lesley Cumby Geren

63. Fresh blueberries or strawberries – Debbie Haas

64. A packet of Stevia, a teaspoon of vanilla, and a teaspoon of peanut butter…it’s FABULOUS! – Shelley Henderson Hubbard

65. Chopped up dried pineapples & sunflower seeds. – Lisa Zoe

66. Frozen blueberries, a little OJ and milk. Blend for a great morning shake. – Lisa Campos Lanphear

67. Honey, flax, chopped walnuts, and diced kiwi with coconut flakes = to die for! – Kristina Cooke

68. Agave and cinnamon! Yum! -Kathleen Blythe

69. I love my VOSKOS® plain, no need to put no extras on it! :) -Alicia Garner

70. Just a sprinkle of cinnamon! Yummy! – Brenda Kathryn Jackson-Royer

71. Fresh strawberries…I do it daily. Yum – Jena Marie Powers

72. Just as it is!! But my fav is adding a ripe banana and some cashews. – Debbie Pacheco Oppie

73. Chocolate chips – Stephanie Marquis

74. Honey.

75. PB2 or Chocolate PB2. Mix straight into your VOSKOS® – no need to add water. But add the powder gradually, and mix well!

76. Drizzled with honey and topped with a crumbled muffin or blueberry muffin.

77. Mixed with olive oil, vinegar, garlic and salt and used as a dip.

78. Mixed with any cereal instead of milk – less sugary and MUCH more filling!

79. Mixed with a little cinnamon sugar and used as a dip for apple slices.

80. Pureed fruit – any ripe fruit works.

81. Nutella. Indulgent…but better than Nutella on white bread!

82. Fresh pineapple, or canned pineapple, including some of the juice.

83. Pistachios, and drizzled with honey. An interesting creamy/crunchy + sweet/salty combination.

84. Mixed with chocolate whey protein.

85. PB&J yogurt: mix natural peanut butter and Real Fruit spread into your plain VOSKOS®.

86. Jam.

87. A packet of Stevia and some almond extract.

88. Raisins.

89. Frozen grapes.

90. Mix garlic powder, or curry powder, into yogurt and use it as a vegetable dip.

91. Sesame seeds and a dash of sesame oil.

92. Strawberries and balsamic vinegar.

93. Cocoa powder, a bit of sugar and almond extract.

94. Mango or papaya.

95. Mixed with sugar free vanilla pudding mix, for a rich and creamy vanilla yogurt.

96. Pumpkin butter and cinnamon.

97. Sugar Free Torani coffee or chocolate syrup.

98. Make a dip for chips or for veggies using fat-free refried beans, salsa and VOSKOS® plain yogurt, sprinkled with chopped cilantro.

99. Mix with mashed ripe avocado, lime and spices for a creamy guacamole.

100. Dried cranberries, honey, a little brown sugar and pecans.