Health Benefits of Yogurt

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Exciting health news was recently released by the University of Cambridge in a long-term study. According to the study, eating four 4oz containers of plain yogurt a week reduces the risk of getting Type II Diabetes by a whopping 28%.

Yogurt: a Power Food
Adding this new information to what we already know about the benefits of eating yogurt for reduction of the risks of heart disease, colon cancer, memory and bone density loss indicates that yogurt is definitely a powerful health food.

Benefits of Fermentation
It is thought that the benefits of eating yogurt come from a combination of beneficial nutrients found in dairy such as vitamin D, calcium and magnesium. In addition, fermented dairy products such a yogurt may protect against diabetes through probiotic bacteria and a special form of vitamin K associated with the process of fermentation.

How to Incorporate Yogurt in Your Diet
So, how can you include more yogurt in your diet? Easy! Here are a few suggestions. In any of the recipes below, you can easily replace the sugar with a safe, natural sugar substitute to reduce the amount of sugar and carbohydrate in the dish.

1. For breakfast, let’s start the day off with one serving of plain Greek yogurt topped with a serving of fresh or frozen fruit. Add a sprinkle of nuts for crunch and healthy fats.

2. Another great, filling breakfast option is overnight oats. Prepare them with plain yogurt and a natural sugar substitute to reduce the amount of sugar.

3. Use Greek yogurt in any recipe that calls for sour cream or mayonnaise. Use it to top baked potatoes, and to cream deviled eggs, to make a healthy chicken or tuna salad. Mix equal parts yogurt and sugar-free salsa for a delicious, healthy salad dressing.

4. In the summer, serve up a refreshing first course of tzatziki (a thick, cold cucumber soup) instead of salad.

5. Yummy smoothies provide high-protein energy and are oh so cool and refreshing in warmer weather.

Yogurt is a powerful nutritional tool, which is easy to use in our daily living. Incorporating more yogurt in your diet is a proactive approach to feeling great and warding off lifestyle diseases such as Diabetes, while adding tasty nutritional benefits and energy to your day.